Minimum English Language Requirements for Spanish Universities.

  English Language Accreditation given by Spanish Universities  

Minimum Cambridge English language levels needed for accreditation by different Spanish Universities. Publication of the delegation of the British Council in Spain.

  Material supplied by Birgit Bloom, International Bacalaureate and Cambridge ESOL Speaking Test Examiner.  
  English Language Accreditation given by Málaga University  

Accreditation given by the University of Malaga for Cambridge English examinations passed. Minimum level being B1 of the (MCER) Marco Común Europeo de Referencia.

  Material suppled by Rosa Vicente Gamboa Directora Técnica Aloha College Marbella.  
  Exemption from English studies at Bachiller Level  
  September 2011  In a very recent development, the Delegaciones de Educación in Andalucia are applying the provision set out in the BOJA of 17 February  last, whereby a student with FCE, CAE or CPE is exempt from the subject  English in Bachillerato.  All the Centre Exams Manager has to do is confirm the authenticity of the photocopy of the Cambridge certificate by  signing and stamping it.  
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